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Welcome, Animals Lovers, fellow doggies and even friendly Humans

  I’m River, an adorable Home Grown, Liver Parti Schnauzer who loves to play in water, Dance, lick Humans faces. I'm people friendly & love to go on my rides. My children are just like me and I have a waiting list to adopt them. All I ask is take care of my baby's as I would. Please don't put us in kennels for a long time and don't breed us as we're to go to pet home only.  

Thank you.........Yours Truly Chocolate Kissed River a Fun Loving Puppy

  AKC  & the Hybrid Dog 

We're a Pet home for the Elder, Children & Handicap or if you're just needing a friend to hold on to

We Specialize in Free Ranged Therapy Quality Breeding.

More Wag, Less Bark

                                               & Lots of  Loofah Chews


    Due Summer 2014


Black & Silver 

Spring 2014

    Black Brindle

     Summer /Fall 2014




The AKC Scottish Terrier

My Name is Holly and I'm a registered AKC Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer my next liter will be Due Spring 2014. I'm sweet and have never offered to potty on my mommy's floor, I don't bark much, just a little picky on how my bed is set up. I get along with everyone and every Pet.

10-14 lb 

The American Scottish Schnauzer "Hybrid" is the cross between the AKC Scottish Terrier and the AKC Miniature Schnauzer Next liter due, Late Summer. Registered with AKC Canine Partners. These Puppies will be able to compete in the AKC Rally 12-18 lb

Blue Merle

  • Blue Merle 
  • Blue Merle Parti
  • Black Parti 
  • White Chocolate
  • Brindle 
  • Brindle Parti
  • Solids
  • Parti
  • Short Coats 
  • Super Coats
  • Mega Coats
  • Amber eyes
  • Blue eyes
  • Brown eyes

Our breed cross 1993 "The Aussie Schnauzer"

Colors we offer

Black & Silver

  • Black & Silver 
  • Black & Silver Parti 
  • Black & Silver Merle
  • Black & Silver Merle Parti

Liver & Tan

  • Liver & Tan
  • Dark Liver Merle
  • Liver & Tan Merle Parti
  • Liver Parti
  • Wheaten Merle
  • Wheaten Merle Parti

Hotchkiss Colorado

AKC Canine Partners "CP"&


American Scottish Schnauzerr



Our Breed crosses 

Est. 2013 The American Scottish Schnauzer


AKC Canine Partners.


Picture coming soon

Puppies Due Summer/Fall 2014


Black Brindle 

Brindle Parti


Wheaten Parti


​Liver Parti


AKC Miniature Schnauzer            AKC Scottish Terrier             American Scottish Schnauzer                           Loofah Chew              

Rich in Color, Mega Coated & Hollywood Beautiful

Authentication Determination(AD) form
The American Scottish 

If your Certificates doe's not say American Scottish Schnauzer Stamped and Sealed then it's not from American Scottish
Each Puppy has a unique attribute but 2 out of 5 will come with the Authentication Number. Each Puppy will come with its own
"NO BREEDING" Contract.

Welcome to the American Scottish Schnauzer.

And to Fancy up your Trophy Case your Dog will be eligible for  

​AKC S.T.A.R Puppy * Canine Good Citizen * Agility * AKC Rally * Obedience * Coursing Ability Test

More colors will come

Waiting List For the American Scottish Schnauzer 2014
​Pet Home Only

1..Marsha R.
2. Jamie J. (AD)

3. Tonia S. (AD)

4. Steven H.

5. Tommy T.

6. Carla T. (AD)

7. Sara Y.U.

8. Steve A.

9. James K.

10. Cindy M. (AD)

11. June

​12. Cindy

13. April J. (AD)

14. June R.

15. John J

16. Thomas W. 

17. Jill L. (AD)

18. William T. (AD)

19. Karen. T.

​20. Karen L.

        American Scottish Schnauzer




        AKC Scottish Terrier




        AKC  Miniature Schnauzer




Run-N-Ridge  Breed Cross:

1996 Chocolate & Tan Merle, 1997 Black & Tan Merle, Salt & Pepper Merle 1999, Salt & Pepper Merle 2002, Black & Tan Merle 2005, Black & Tan Merle 2006, Black & Tan Merle/Tri 2008, Salt & Pepper Merle/Tri 2009,

"Confetti Darlin" Salt & Pepper Merle/Tri 2010, 

20 Years

For Sale

Waiting List For the Confetti Merle
Schnauzer 2014
​Pet Home Only

1. Sam L.
2. Renee D. "CP"
3 Heather P. "CP"
4.Renee K.
5.Terry K.

        Chocolate Kiss Puppy's Est. 1993

            No Breeding 

1993-2014 Chocolate Kiss

The American Scottish


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We are still getting our new set up ready. Please come visit us Fall 2014 Thank you so much Posted 4/17/2014 1:11pm